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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mighty Prayer

Interesting question. If God took a day off would anybody notice? At first glance we may only be able to look at this as a hypothetical question, but let us start at the beginning, well the beginning as we know it, “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made” (Genesis 2:2) What do we consider this resting to be? Did God take this day off? Both anciently and modernly this day of rest was turned into a day of worship. Now how do believers give this day off to God? We pester him more than any other day! Think about it. In a typical meeting how many thoughtless prayers are uttered?

Big breath. Heavenly Father we thank you for this day, and all our many blessings .Another big breath. Bless us with your spirit, Bless the Missionaries, Bless the Gordon Hinckley guy. Bless BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Now these meetings are held all over the world. I can only begin to wonder how many prayers like this are said on any given Sunday. Would it make any difference if we said these prayers or not? If at the end of a day for some strange reason did not follow the traditions of our Fathers to pray so travel home with no harm or accident, would anybody get hurt?

I believe that as long as people are praying and they believe there prayers are getting answered than they are correct. The power of positive thinking. So if God took a day off they really wouldn’t notice. This statement can well be made for 99 out of 100 prayers. But I also believe that there is a way that prayers can be heard and this is what the Scriptures talk of when they speak about a mighty prayer.


Robby C said...

An interesting point. "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions..." I think that sometimes we think of that scripture differently than it was intended. I know on my mission (oh those dreaded words) that we used that scripture to convice the "saved" people to not use "Lord" every other word in their prayer. We interpreted the scripture in a way that would benifit us most (another discussion for another time). I think that many people interpret this scripture in the same way. That it refers to repetitions in the same prayer. I think it is clear from the context that it is talking about repetition from prayer to prayer. And yes, I have also noticed that in our meetings the same things are said over, and over again. we pray for the spirit, we pray for the speaker, we pray for the teacher, we pray to get home safely, etc. I would agree that these are not "mighty prayers". I checked out some references to "mighty prayer" in the scriptures. It seems that when people are involved in "mighty" prayer mighty things happern. They hear voices from heaven, are visited by angels and all sorts of cool stuff. I know when I'm praying I'm not having that kind of stuff happening, so my prayers must not be "mighty". If any of you out there know what the difference between a regular prayer and a mighty prayer is I'd sure like to know. I want my prayers to be "mighty".

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting comment and topic. I recall the scripture in the book of Ether where the Lord condemend the brother of Jared for not coming to him in prayer. This is prior to the time when he sees the finger of the Lord. Now in my simple mind I cannot fathom that the brother of Jared, one who had the faith to move a mountain and see the finger of the premortal Lord, did not come to the Lord in prayer. I feel that he did not come to him in mighty prayer. The kind of prayer that is powerful enough to pull down the power of heaven. And he was being chastened by the Lord for not doing so. Why? he became comefortable, he had "arrived" in a blessed land full of milk and honey, all was well. When we are not able to pull down the power of heaven for us is it because all is well? Well if we want the wisdom to know how to have this, I give you all a assignment, I promise it will help. Ask the Lord to show unto you your weakness' that you may become stronger. For does it not say in the scriptures that He gives unto men weakness that they will come unto Him? and be like Him? I think this also fits into the topic of becoming. Try it, it is not fun but I promise it works.