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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Harry Potter and Star Wars

I love Harry Potter and Star Wars. Both complex battles of good verses evil. In both of these worlds/universes there are a special set of people who have extra-ordinary powers. In Star Wars they are the Jedi and the power is called "the force". In Harry Potter they are wizards and the power is called magic. Whatever they call it, those that have learned how to use it can do things that "normal" individuals can't. In both cases there is a power that is an eternal part of their universe. Do we believe in a power like that? Is the priesthood analogous to this power or is it not as universal? What is the definition of priesthood? In the church it seems we commonly define it as the power given to man to act in God's name. Is that a good definition or is there more? In both Harry Potter and Star Wars there are those that also draw on this universal power for selfish, evil purposes. Where does Satan's power come from? Could he be analogous to Voldemort or Darth Vader, drawing on the same power that God uses only for a different purpose? What about faith? It says in the scriptures that faith is the power that God used to form the worlds (Heb 11:3). Is faith different than priesthood? The same? More encompassing or less?
Anyway, just some things I've been thinking about. I've almost got a theory worked out but I need to chew on it for a few days. I'll post it soon. Until then let me know what you think.


Dallas said...

The hardest thing about this Blog is trying to convey thoughts into words. Excellent thoughts about the Priesthood. This is a subject which people can spend a lifetime trying to understand. Fred Collier, has and now is longer a member of the church. Just my searching, “Words of The Prophet Joseph Smith” (WJS) for the word Priesthood got my mind thinking about the depth of this. I do not yet have a hypothesis about evil and the Priesthood, but I did find my favorite description of the Priesthood. “What if we should attempt to get the Holy Ghost through any other means except the sign or way which God hath appointed should we obtain it certainly not all other means would fail The Lord says do so & so & I will bless so & so their is certain key words & signs belonging to the priesthood which must be observed in order to obtain the blessings (20 March 1842 WJS pg 108)”

For a foundation, let us first say that there are “key words & signs” associated with the Priesthood that must me used to understand what the Priesthood is. I look forward to your thoughts on this.

eleven said...

In regards to the term "priesthood" in the bible dictionary it states that Priesthood is the athority to act in the name of "God". The key to the question is which god? For we know that the melchizedek priesthood has had the name changed. In the original name of the priesthood it stated of whose priesthood it is. Satan has the priesthood also, in fact he wears symbols to represent the priesthood that he holds. So therefore all those who act in his name and have his power also have the "priesthood", it is more than likely called "The priesthood after the order of the morning star" or something along those lines. My key is that to say "priesthood" we must signify as to which priesthood we are really talking about; Aaronic or Melchizedek. These are after the proper order.
Again we must also remember that satan can mimic almost anything, and with the help of Cain, one who has tasted of flesh and all the feelings that accompany it, he can mimic almost anything. Our "test" is to know how the spirit of God the eternal Father speaks to us.

Robby C said...

Interesting points about the definition of Priesthood. I was thinking along those same lines. So I guess a follow up question is where does God’s power come from? Is it priesthood from His father and so on and so forth, or is it independent of a higher being. The same could be asked of Satan’s power. The way I understand the “normal” LDS version of Satan’s linage, his “Father” is the same as our “Father” who is God, the only one that we have anything to do with. Satan’s power must certainly not come from God.
Here’s a theory. See what you think. What if there was a universal power, like the force. Part of becoming a God was to learn to use this power. Here on earth we are given portions of God’s power to use from time to time (Priesthood). But it is really part of our quest for perfection to be able to use this power independent of a higher source. That’s part of becoming a God. I definitely think that this power should not be termed priesthood, as I think we have established a good definition for priesthood. But what about Faith? Could it be that when great faith is exercised, even faith enough to move mountains, this power is being tapped into. I come back to the point I brought up in my original post “through faith we understand that the worlds were framed, by the word of God” (Heb 11:3). Faith in Christ is power unto salvation, but could it be that this faith is only a part of a greater universal power we could also term as Faith. It would definitely help explain some other questions I have put in another post entitled “Faith”.

Dallas said...

If the term Priesthood, refers to the power and authority to act in Gods name. Wouldn’t God be the all-knowing person, who is also all powerful. I really like the analogy about a power to tap into. I consider myself of the sciences so I never really took hold of the idea of a “finger snapping” God who can to everything just by wanting it. I personally believe that everything from the creation, to healing are done by knowing the cause and also knowing how to do it. (Notice the words Knowing, not believing.) God to me is the ultimate scientist with vast knowledge of Astrophysics, Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Biology. I do not mean to limit God wonders my stating this, only to show how wonderful he is. If he where to share his knowledge with us on the creation and everything I don’t think we would be able to comprehend it.