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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Truly united and the work for Zion.

During the past few week as the election has dominated the headlines, both in the United States and abroad, this scripture has often come to my mind, “And the Lord called his people Zion, because they where of one heart and one mind...” Moses 7:18.

Yes, the Democrats have won the presidential election, the Senate, and the House. Republicans are now weeping, but are we truly the United States of America. Offhand, I can think of two times in the last 50 years when, in my opinion we were “United.” One being a great time the other a horrific time. The first being in the race to put a man on the moon. Americans truly wanted to see this great achievement and see an American on the moon. The second time I think we were united was shortly after the attacks on Sept. 11 2001. For a short time after that Americans were humbled, people were nicer to others on the street, I believe it was a kinder gentler nation, for a brief short time we pulled together as a Nation and came up with the slogan, “United We Stand.”

But what about now, Democrats are going to blame Republicans, Republicans are going to blame Democrats. Independents, Greens, Libertarians are all going to blame a two party system. Now, it doesn’t matter who you voted for. Even if, like me, nothing we voted for passed or our candidates were not elected. Even if we disagree with how certain aspects are handled. We can not continue to do the blame game. We must pull together as a nation. What do we really need to do to unite as a people? As a country? As a world?

I really don’t want to turn this blog political, however these same things that apply in government, apply in church and believes. How many different churches are out there claiming they are correct? The readers of this blog certainly believe theirs is the correct church, but which aspect of it? Even among the church there are so many different believes and ways of thought, all rationalized and practiced. Mainstream Mormons verses the bloggernacle. Back row Mormons verses the Molly Mormon and Peter Priesthood. No caffeine verses caffeinated Mormons.

How far and what do each of us need to accomplish to establish a people of one heart and one mind? What are we to do to establish Zion?


Anonymous said...

Great post. Your question has stirred up a lot of thought in my mind in regards to the election and the direction our country is headed.

First, in the comments you made in refrence to the aspects of the church and which is correct. I wish to comment on this in a political fashion.

Our country was set up first by declaring our independence, announcing our freedoms from oppression, kingship, etc. The document is titled as we know "The Declarition of Independence". Then our rights and "aspects" were outlined in the Constitution. A Republic was set up in the most perfect union we as mortals could create. The set up has not changed only the aspects that we feel as a people should be changed to fit our "normal" way of life. Is this not how the original church drifted into the darkness of apostosy? Thus causing the freedom giving priesthood to be taken off the earth? So the questioin still remains, How do we become United? What can we do as an individual to unite our families, communities, states, and country? My suggestion is this; We must pull together NOW, more than ever, as a people to help one another, to serve one another. We must create NOW a "one heart, and one mind" in the walls of our on home first and foremost, then in our communites. This must begin now and we must begin in our communities now. There is no time to spare. Look how quickly the church drifted into apostosy following the times of Christ, whether it be in this land or in the Holy Land. If we take a close look at history we think and act in the same way. Funny how cicles work.

Anonymous said...

As individual human beings it is our nature to think about different ideas which is probably why our Heavenly Father gave us a brain. If he wanted all of us to think exactly the same then he would have created robots. God has created individuals but he has also created within each of us the possibility to come together in Christ. All of us have different perspectives of the church "doctrine" which is not necessarily a bad thing but most all LDS people will agree that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world and that it is through Christ and our Heavenly Father that we achieve what we want...exaltation. However we may differ on how exactly to get there. Now this is where I turn to government and politics to make my point. The United State has a two party system, this is true, and numerous independent parties. All have some good ideas and it through these ideas and interpretations of what is best for our nation that the best ideas come about. James Madison indicated that factions are a good thing because they will play off of each other, to the point, that neither will become too radical and by working together great ideas are born. As with the gospel all have different interpretations of the doctrine however; if people individually study and then share ideas of what the best way in reaching our goal of exaltation is it may not be as daunting as it may seem to be. I have come to think that possibly becoming one as a church might just be that our eternal goal is the same but not necessarily every single thought. Often times "doctrines" need to be put a different way in order to reach all people; but that doesn't make our eternal goals different.